What we do

We operate digital businesses and brands that serve people's needs. Specialized in digital online businesses with a love for design we expanded into the world of physical design products aswell. The groups business portfolio now includes several brands of physical trend products beside digital platforms.







Core Business Operations

We first started out with digital platforms and expanded our expertise to create brands to physical good. Our company profile has geniuine knowledge in creating businesses and brands.

Creating Digital Platforms

From planning and designing to realization. We work with some of the most talented people in every field to bring our ideas to life.

UI / Product Design

The process of creating stlyish but yet user-friendly digital user interfaces, platforms and product designs is hard. We have years of experience in product design.

Love for Design

We strongly believe that great design communicates with the customers and gives the end user a much more pleasurable time using the services platforms or products of a brand.

Creating Brands

We have broad knowledge in creating brand both physical and love to create classic and stylish brands that customers love.

Consulting & Optimization

Having worked with hundreds of industry professionals in all business fields gives us the power and knowledge how to optimize digital businesses and brands.


We think collaboration is a very powerful tool. The greatest things have not been achieved without the help of others.

Company Portfolio

An overview over all company divisions in our portfolio.

A marketplace for music producers and broadcast services for selling and buying soundware and software. Find millions of samples and get inspired when creating your own project.

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An all organic and natural dental and beauty brand that offers selected variety of cosmetic items for dental health.

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The online directory for free sounds and software instruments that helps you to enhance your sounds and find free inspiration.

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A question answer platform with a focus on Switzerland that also hosts a blog.

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Swiss Price Comparison Website and App that helps customer to find the best price and shop for less. The project is in beta status and not released yet.

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Another great project in the making and testing phase soon to be released publicly.

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